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Friday, May 7, 2010

Reduce Your Waste

One first step in the direction of live a greener life is reducing our personal amount of garbage.
By reducing the amount of waste we produce, and by reusing as much as we can instead of just throwing it out, we not only reduce the volume of material sent to landfill but also minimize the amount of energy used to manufacture new products from raw materials. r

Our family does a pretty good job at keeping the trash at a minimum, filling one normal size garbage bag every 3-4 days. However, I noticed that we could even top that by composting. I found that about one third of our family's garbage is organic, compostable stuff! We collect our compost in either a box or a bag and bring it to neighbors who compost every other day since we can't do it at our place. It's a family affair and I'm exited that our boys learn the cycle of nature at their young age.

Me and the boys in Trina's garden

Source: Ecoweek

Other ways to reduce your waste are
* recycling
* reusing (think paper, glass jars, boxes, packing material)
* reconsider when you're shopping: do you really need that piece of clothing or that pair of shoes?
* avoid disposables (water bottles, napkins, ziploc bags, plastic containers,...)
* instead, use reusables, also for school and work (locally you can find great lunch stuff at go lightly, or online, for example at greenraising)

I'm proud to say that our son never has any garbage at school (other than fruit peels which they compost at the Montclair Community Pre-K!). He brings his own wrap for crackers or sandwiches, which doubles as a placemat (that must have been the greatest party favor he has ever gotten, thanks Sarah!), reusable food containers and water bottle and silverware. ZERO GARBAGE.

This is the wrap-n-mat I've been using for Liam, but there's many options out there. Take a look at them, they're fun and look good, AND they're good for the environment!

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