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Monday, May 10, 2010

I Heart Earth Day at the Montclair Community Pre-K

Me and Lexi at the "green stand"

What a fun event that was!
The kids had lots of fun helping in the garden, doing sports with Mr. Marlon from the family Y, eating the delicious baked goods, doing yoga and dancing to live music (my husband Erik played with Los Primos).
I had worked on a display for the event for the past few days, and as always used only recycled materials.
It was so nice chatting with visitors and interested parents about ways to live a greener life. One great start doing so is packing waste-free lunch boxes for school and work. The Pre-K has set up an account with, a company that specializes in reusable items and beautiful jewelry. 45% of the profit through May 31st will benefit the school.
I met and talked to so many nice people who were providing great information. Among them were Nancy Simonic and her partners from eNRG. They showed how to save energy by KEC (KVAR energy controller), solar energy and LED lamps. Dina Aronson from Welltech Bistro had great tips for food allergies and nutrition.
Meenu Mahajan, another mom of a preschooler at the Pre-K, just started her own business (yellow margosa). Her portfolio includes stainless steel dishes and beautiful and reusable fabric gift wraps. This will be another option to get great sustainable stuff locally. I’ll let you know as soon as her website is up and running.
Meenu with some of her beautiful products
Alma Schneider from Take Back the Kitchen was also there. It’s always great to chat with Alma. I can’t believe how much energy and great spirit this woman has! Four kids plus an amazing blog plus Parents Who Rock plus who know what! Makes me kind of jealous J
This is Alma - check out her blog!
Anyway, Alma had brought delicious stuff (green smoothies and tasty salsas) that made me feel like run and try every single vegetarian recipe from her blog!
The baked goods were delicious and it was so much fun chatting with like-minded people. Feels good to live in an environment where everybody cares!

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  1. oooooh, this sounds like a really fun time! I am sorry we were unable to get over there this weekend. I am looking forward to being part of this community too.