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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Did you know...

... if every household in the U.S. replaced just one roll of 1,000 sheet virgin fiber bathroom tissue with 100% recycled ones, we could save:

  • 469,000 trees
  • 1.2 million cubic feet of landfill space, equal to 1,700 full garbage trucks
  • 169 million gallons of water, a year's supply for 1,300 families of four

(Source: Seventh Generation)

Now imagine what it'd do if every household replaces paper towels with recycled ones, or, even better, avoid them altogether and use fabric clothes, which are washable and reusable!

Happy recycling - oh, and the new recycled products are just as good as the conventional ones. I have to say they really, really improved a lot! Try them next time you go shopping.

1 comment:

  1. Thanks. I really hadn't thought about it. So often we buy things just because they're cheaper and I don't look at the environmental savings.