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Getting started

What do I want to share here on this blog?
Well, that's a good question.
I feel like there's a ton of information out there about how to live greener, healthier, more sustainable etc. etc.
And still there's a lot of people who just don't know how to begin. How to make a change. How to get the family in the same boat.

My son's school has an Earth Day in May and parents were asked to volunteer and come up with ideas for families how to incorporate green ideas in their daily lifestyle.
I couldn't wait to get a pen and a piece of paper, and within five minutes I had three pages full of everyday things put together. Just little things that won't change the world, but will help to slowly change people's views about certain things - at least so I hope.
I will be the "Green Expert" on that day who people can come to and talk to about these very issues.
And that gave me the idea of the blog: why not share my ideas here, and maybe others will do the same so we can start building a conscious, strong and green community that helps raise awareness.

The most important thing to consider is this: don't think for a second that you as a single person won't make a difference. Look at it this way - be proud and happy for every little thing you do to help the environment. Every day you decide to cook a homemade meal instead of ordering in you do something good! Whenever you pick a local vegetable or fruit instead of New Zealand apples, let's say, you helped the environment. Be proud of yourself if you buy at a Farmer's market instead of the supermarket every once in a while. You get the picture.

So, let's start with foods since I wrote about it first.
If you're at all health conscious, and I hope you are, think a little bit about where the food you're consuming is coming from.
You don't know? You're not alone!
Up until a few years I had no idea either, and frankly, I didn't care much. I knew what I wanted and if that meant strawberries in the middle of winter it meant strawberries in the middle of winter. WHOW!
Now the plain idea of that seems so weird to me. Why would I buy something that has traveled thousands of miles, spent days if not weeks in containers and must have been treated with I don't even want to know what to stay fresh for so long?
Somehow we lost our balance with food. When did it happen that we didn't eat what's in season anymore and just wanted it all - anytime?
The miles that food has to travel to make it from any given part of the world to our table is a HUGE contributor to our ecological footprints. Plus, not good for our health (just think about what it has to be treated with to not spoil).

So... a big start into a new lifestyle is to just start to think about where our food comes from and trying to avoid produce from too far away. Now I know that it's hard to go cold turkey and completely eliminate staples like bananas and avocados from the shopping list. How about starting with not buying apples from New Zealand, especially if you can get local ones (in most cases you can, check it out!).
You can also check the produce aisle for local stuff that's in season.
Ever since we joined local food co-ops I feel like I'm more in balance with nature since I know more what is growing at any given time. Just another idea... think about it.

We'll talk more about food very soon.
Please feel free to share your own ideas!