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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Green New World

I call this post Green New World because I notice changes around me - green changes, and I like it.

We have to be critical, we have to care about our environment, our health, our wellbeing, we have to change in order to achieve change.

But we also have to recognize the good, and I feel like things are changing. Slowly, but steadily.
I read more and more about vegetarian and even vegan lifestyle (the other day there was an article about a farm in Germany that only takes care of old and/or sick animals who nearly got killed because they didn't produce anymore. I know, nothing new, but hey, it made it to one of the biggest online magazine sites!).

I see more and more people bringing their own bags to shop.
My son's preschool is composting! The teachers are encouraging healthy snacks! They learn about recycling!
Just little examples which show that we're moving to the right direction. Wonderful!

When I discovered a little hole in my favorite pair of jeans today (what the heck - another pound plus?!) I evaluated my options:
  1. try to fix the problem myself = greenest option, but nah - unfortunately my sewing skills are not that good
  2. bring jeans to dry cleaner to get fixed
  3. bring jeans to green dry cleaner to get fixed
  4. throw jeans out = horrible! First off, these are my favorites and second, throwing stuff away is just not a good idea at all. Think REUSE :-)
There's a ton of dry cleaners out there. My first thought was to just go to the one closest to my son's preschool. I haven't been in business for dry cleaning lately (I mean, who needs suits and fancy stuff for the playground???), so I haven't thought about it much. But then I noticed Next Cleaners that I frequently pass, and I went inside to see what they have to offer.
I found out that they use the most eco friendly systems in the industry. They are also one of the small group of dry cleaners in the country using GreenEarth Cleaning technology.
In addition to utilizing the environmentally friendly techniques, they strive to reduce all dry cleaning waste by using other recyclable and reusable materials throughout their operations. Sounds good, so I decided to have my jeans fixed there, even though sewing is sewing, whether in a green place or not. I like to support their business though.

Please consider a green or organic dry cleaner if you use them. It's so much better for the environment and for our health! And the places are out there, it's not that you have to search for them and drive long distances, they're right in town.

And so are other eco-friendly businesses as well, like Yellow Margosa in Montclair. If you're concerned about plastics and chemicals in your child's tableware, this is the place to go. At Yellow Margosa, you'll find stainless steel products completely free of dioxins and chemicals.
Also offered are notebooks made from sugarcane that save forest based resources and have a smaller carbon print.
Visit the site and give these great products a try, I'm sure you'll love it!

I hope all these green businesses keep popping out, I really like the development. Hope you do, too.

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