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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Halloween Again

I can't believe it's Halloween time again!
And with it comes the hunt for new costumes, decorations, treats etc. etc.
Today was a rainy day so we spent all afternoon inside being crafty.
One of the things we created was a very simple Halloween inside decoration made of a balloon head and a large piece of black organza like fabric. I simply wrapped the fabric around the balloon, tied it with a piece of ribbon, glued paper eyes on the head and hung it up in front of a window!

Luckily, I also had some red LED lights on hand (which by the way are so much more energy efficient than anything else out there!), so we were able to add some drama to our ghost. The kids had fun and we didn't spend any money AND we were kind to the environment since we didn't buy anything for this project!

What else can be done to be greener around Halloween time?
If you're lucky and your kid doesn't request to be a specific character, you can make your own costume. Think of princesses dressed in colorful scarfs, decorated with beads - or pirates dressed in old cut-up clothes. The possibilities are endless! This year my boys want to be Mario and Baby Mario. Easy enough since I don't need a costume. Brown shoes, blue overalls and red turtleneck will do in our case. The only problem was the hat. I mean, who has a red balloon hat at home to just stick a white "M" on? I certainly didn't, but I got creative and found a tutorial online to make my own. I think they came out great - and I KNEW there was a good reason why I bought these two hat stands!!!
To be honest, if I was (or is it were???) a judge for kids costumes, I would much more prefer creative, self-made costumes over store-brought ones.

If you need ideas or guidance, check out the web, there's a ton of tutorials and ideas out there even if you're not super crafty. Check it out - it's really fun!

Happy Green Halloween!!!!

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