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Monday, September 12, 2011

A Truly Good Company

I just had a very pleasant experience with a very pleasant company that sells a product that I really like.
I'm talking about WRAP-N-MAT, the re-usable sandwich wrap and placemat in one.
Years ago my son received this wrap as a party favor, and until this day it was the most thoughtful and useful thing that we ever got at a party. He used it almost all the way through his two years of pre-school, until I accidentally put it too close to the stove and burnt it.
I had a replacement already (just in case :-), which unfortunately didn't make it quite as long and we had to exchange it for a new one when the new school year started.
This new one had a fault in the material - I wasn't able to wipe it clean without getting it damp and unusable for a few days until it dried out.
So I decided to write to the company and let them know about it.
What a nice experience that was! All through e-mail, the customer service representative was all about making it right, agreeing that the product should last for a very long time (don't we all have the environment in mind!) and send me three new wraps, one of them with the original design that I once had and can't find anymore. I'm so excited! I love their product! It made it possible for my son to not have any waste at lunch - ever! Think about how many zip-lock bags it'll save you and the earth over the course of a school year, or for your own lunches/picnics/snacks/...
It even doubles as a placemat when spread out! I just love it when a company has an awesome product and an awesome philosophy. And when they even stand behind their product and do everything to make it right for the customer, it's just the perfect fit. For me, anyway.

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