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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Self Made Toddler Hammock!

What is this? You may ask.
A weird looking pinata? A way of hiding presents from kids? A pet trapped in a blanket? Or a toddler in a impromptu hammock, made of an Ikea blanket and tied to two chairs.
My two-year old went back to napping, after 6 months of skipping naps.
I found myself wishing for some sort of swing, like the good old baby swings that soothed them into sleep, and came up with the idea.
I secured one chair by sliding a step ladder between the seat and the table so the chair wouldn't fall backwards. The other chair was secured by another one on top of it. I double-checked how safe it was before I put him in and, of course, stayed within arm's reach.
He had a wonderful nap!

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