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Friday, May 27, 2011

Do You Have An Idea How To Make The World A Better Place?

Here's your chance - check out Siemens Smart Grid Innovation Contest!

Who organizes this contest?

The Siemens Smart Grid Innovation Contest is organized by the Siemens Smart Grid Company Project in cooperation with Siemens' Chief Technology Office (Open Innovation and University & Research Cooperation). Siemens aims to communicate and collaborate in partnership and invites you to be part of this open innovation approach.

Join the global community and contribute with ideas on Smart Grid

  • new business models that change the game,
  • applications for new customer benefits,
  • disruptive technologies to enable a smarter world.

...comment and vote the ideas of the community...
...and get rewarded with:
  • attractive prizes for participants: 15 000 euros and more.
  • excellent career perspectives at Siemens,
  • funded collaboration with leading university partners: 1 million euros.
We from Siemens want to get in touch with you and jointly speed up open innovation. Contribute your ideas and market insights in competition but also in cooperation with a large community of Smart Grid experts around the globe.

Siemens has a budget of more than 1 000 000 euros in order to translate your ideas into innovation by collaborating with universities. Siemens also aims to translate the resulting mature innovations into products, services and solutions and is therefore planning additional significantly larger investments.

Join the grid - energize the world.
Support the idea of an environmentally friendly smarter power grid.

Check out the website for more information but hurry, the timeline is June 15!

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