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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The Eco-Friendly Diet

What we eat has a tremendous ecological impact. The strategy? A diet that focuses on cutting carbon:

  • Buy Locally, Organically and Seasonally (With local and organic at the same time providing the most earth-friendly impact)
  • Grow Your Own (Even if you don't have a garden - think herbs or cherry tomatoes on the window sill)
  • Choose Your Drinks Wisely (Think coffee, tea and alcohol besides juices and milk - what's important is drinks produced sustainably without the use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides)
  • Be Takeout Savvy (how about bringing your own container? Refuse paper napkins, plastic utensils and condiment packets)
  • Choose Whole Foods (The process of turning raw foods into the processed products that we find on supermarket shelves requires tremendous amounts of energy. Opting for a whole foods diet, rich in raw and unprocessed foods, will not only have an incredible impact on your health, it will also cut your food-related carbon footprint by almost one-third!)
  • Say No To Bottled Water (Only about 14% of the 70 million-plus water bottles used by Americans on a daily basis get recycled! The rest ends up in landfills, and even worse, in oceans. Plus, the production and shipping of bottled water consumes vast quantities of oil)
  • Eat Less Meat (One cow has to eat eight pounds of corn and soy (even though cows are not meant to eat those) to produce one pound of meat. Just think about the fertilizers and pesticides to produce the food for the animals! And the energy to produce, ship and process meats! Cutting (way) down on the meat consumption and opting for pasture-raised meat would help minimizing the food-related carbon footprint even more)
  • Eat Less Of Everything (Seriously, consuming less will reduce the carbon footprint (no matter how green the food we eat, it still has to be grown, packed, shipped - lots of energy) as well as our waistlines :-)


  1. Your plan would not only cut carbon but would cut down on extra pounds and create a healthier you. So benefits all around.

  2. Exactly! Wouldn't it be great to help our bodies as well as the environment.