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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Earth Day!

Instead of putting a list together what to do on Earth Day to do good, I'd rather point out some things to stress the importance of change and being green on ANY given day:
  1. Putting garbage of any kind into a bin or flush it down a drain doesn't make it go away - it will stay on earth forever
  2. Recycling is good, avoiding is better
  3. We only have this one Planet Earth and our children and grandchildren will only have this one Planet Earth, so will their grandchildren and great-grandchildren...
  4. Even the slightest change towards a greener lifestyle does good
  5. In celebration of Earth Day, why not think of something special to do that day (and maybe once a week for the future?)
Here's our resolution for Earth Day 2010: leave as little of an ecological footprint as possible. We won't use our car tomorrow, no electricity except phone and computer (for work) and refrigerator. Uhhh, it's gonna be a romantic evening!

Happy Earth Day!!!

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