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Saturday, April 24, 2010

A Day Around Town

What a nice day! It is our 6th anniversary and we spent it in our beautiful town, celebrating quietly and green.
We took a long walk to the downtown area and strolled around the nice green streets around Montclair.
Our first stop was at Market where we had brunch.
Market serves mostly locally grown and organic food, and it always tastes sooo good. Being at Market is such a great experience, every staff member is extremely nice and the atmosphere is very welcoming and kid-friendly.
After brunch we visited some thrift stores and then headed over to The Bread Company where we had a nice chat with Sally and got some yummy, organic stuff. If you have any dietary intolerances, this is the place for you. Will and Sally have it all, from brownies over cookies to pastries and pizza. Delicious!
How awesome to just spend the day in town walking, getting everything we need locally and chatting with all the nice people!
And here’s an idea for eating out: Why not bring your own container if you think you might get a doggie bag?

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