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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Save Big Money (And The Earth!) By Using Reusable Water Bottles

Oops, it's been a while. I guess summer does that to me. Sorry.

The other day I bought a new Klean Kanteen water bottle from go lightly, Montclair's eco-store, for my older son. I didn't have to but decided to upgrade my little one from a small to medium size since he's a big drinker, especially in these hot days. So the little one will get the "old" mid-size bottle and my older one will get a brand new mid-size bottle for the new school year.

It brought me to think about money. I mean I hear a lot of people say how they don't buy the reusable bottles because of the high price (I paid $18.50). Yes, they do cost more compared to a plastic bottle. BUT if you look at the picture over time, you won't believe how much you save:
Let's say I have to fill up the bottle twice per day, meaning I would have to buy 2 plastic bottles of water per day for - how much are they now? - $1 on average let's say?
$2 x7 = $14 per week = $60 per month = about $720 per year!!!
I use one bottle for at least 2 years, unless we loose them (so far we have lost 2 bottles over a period of 5 years).
So, for a family of 4 that means we save at least $2.000, assuming we would get the plastic bottles in bulk for a better price. The cost of about $80 for 4 reusable bottles and about $150 for a decent water filter seems like nothing compared to the cost of bottled water over a longer period of time.
Let alone the savings for the earth! By using reusable bottles, you save excess water, crude oil, plastic in the landfills and everywhere else on the planet, chemicals and BPA.

I also hear a lot of people say that they don't trust that the stainless steel won't leach and how they're not sure it's safe. Well, if you buy plastic bottles how can you be safe that the bottle hasn't been out in the sun for a long time, meaning it would leach chemicals big time? How can you know how pure the water is? How can you feel good knowing how much energy has been put into producing the bottle and the water in it?
Ditch the plastic and switch to reusable bottles today - for your and the planet's sake.

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