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Friday, December 3, 2010

The Great Regift or Wrapped Crap Exchange

This is what our friends John and Kathy call their gift exchange with friends and family - every year.

I love it!
This is where re-gifting is not only acceptable, it's the rule.

"Players" are asked to wrap a previously received, but unused gift. No buying is allowed.

What a great idea!
Think about it:
  • You have the perfect opportunity to get rid of all those gifts that you never wanted (including presents for your kids!)
  • You save yourself some time since you don't have to go gift-shopping for friends and extended family
  • You save yourself some nerves because you don't need to hit the mall - attics and closets are not crowded
  • You save yourself some money
  • You help the environment (no gas, no energy for new stuff, less garbage,... you get the idea)
  • And, who knows what you end up getting? It might be something really good. Remember, what might be crap to someone might be a treasure to you (why, I would LOVE to get a food dehydrator. Seriously!)
Now get creative with the wrapping - we don't want to spoil the green aspect here (used wrapping paper - yes, that too can be reused!, fabric, packing paper, newspaper,... there are endless possibilities that don't require wasteful and expensive wrapping paper. And instead of a bow, you can use some yarn).

This is how I'll do holiday gift exchanges from now on. Get ready folks!

Let me know what you think about this, I'd love to hear your stories.

Enjoy the season and Happy Regifting!!!

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