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Friday, June 18, 2010

Father's Day Frame Card (Made From Recyclables) - By Kristen Shoemaker

My friend Kristen Shoemaker created this adorable card with her 3 1/2 year old son Will.
Kris is the most creative person that I know and I hope she'll be contributing to my blog on a regular basis.

  • Will and I first decided on a picture of him and his father.  We used a cereal box for the frame base.  (This part I did as cutting cardboard calls for sharp scissors.)  I decided on a vertical frame shape because the picture shape is long and narrow.  You can cutout any shape frame that your child decides upon, even oval.
  • To cut the opening in the frame card for the picture to be placed I first folded the frame in half lengthwise.  Then I measured the picture and cut the frame opening 1/8" smaller than the picture all around.  This is so there is extra space left around the picture to tape it to the inside of the frame later.
  • Will and I then sorted through our recyclable papers to find images that he liked to decorate the frame.  Depending on the age of your child you may need to do most of the cutting and pasting.  Will chose the papers for specific places on his frame and I glued them on.  A glue stick works well.  After I glued on a piece I trimmed it to the size of the frame.  
  •  The "DAD" letters at the top of the frame are vintage findings we had from our favorite local shop "PARCEL".  It's fun to incorporate vintage findings to add a special touch.
  • After I glued the papers to the outside Will chose another piece of paper for the inside of the frame which was glued in to cover the tape which you will use to fasten the picture with.  I used packing tape to fasten the picture to the inside of the frame.  It is less messy than glue and you don't have to wait for the drying time which suits my son well when he wants immediate results. 
  • After gluing the large sheet of paper to the inside of the frame and trimming it to the size of the frame Will added his personal touch of a drawing.  You could do many different things here such as a favorite song of dad's or a poem or a quote.  Or your child could continue with another collage on the inside.
Happy Crafting!
 Can't wait to try this!!!

As for Father's Day - just a few tips how to make it father- and environmentally friendly:
  • A self-made gift is key: reduce consumption is SO green
  • If you can, stay local and leave the car in the garage
  • For picknicks, avoid disposables (think water bottles, napkins, cups, cutlery,...)
  • Cook a home-made meal with the kids - voila, another gift idea (as if Dad doesn't get that almost every day, haha!)
  • Most importantly: enjoy the day with your family!
Happy Father's Day!

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